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and first impressions

NAMEKougyoku Ren (練紅玉 REN, Kougyoku)
ORIGINKou Empire
WEIGHTsecret (literally that's what it says ok)
LIKESbeauty, fashion, swords, fruits, the sea
DISLIKESoppressive women
CURRENT PROBLEMher lack of friends


VISUAL Kougyoku is often drawn as a beautiful and refined young lady. Her hairstyle is notably Chinese, with two hair loops on top pulled together by a golden clip. Her long hair is parted into two and goes beyond her waist. She is a stylish person who wears elegant, feminine clothing with soft colors.

AURAL Kougyoku is voiced by Kana Hanazawa. The pitch of her voice is neither high nor low, but it gets a little squeaky when she's being shy. She speaks formally because of her upbringing and sometimes elongates the final syllable of her sentences, especially when she is chipper. She is, however, more casual around friends. She doesn't have a lot of those.

DEMEANOR Kougyoku carries herself confidently and in such a way that people might be intimidated by her, but only in public and when the time calls for it. Otherwise, she tends to act childishly.

When she is talking to people she isn't close to, or when she is aware that many people are looking at her, she is shy. She rarely looks at the person she is speaking to, though she's been trying to get rid of this habit ever since she became empress.

She has a very expressive face. She cries easily... angers easily... and is easily fooled...


❀ Talking to new people
❀ Taking her clothes off
✿ Helping someone with their hair/makeup
✿ Giving orders
✿ Killing
✿ Rough sex
✿ Bondage

Touching yes yes
Romance yes yes
Sex yes kyaa ///
Violence yes yes
Killing yes depends
Torture/Gross depends she'll probably murder you later

PHYSICAL AFFECTION Whatever your character does, she'll blush and stutter, but it's all good with me!

PHYSICAL VIOLENCE If you hurt any of her family or friends, it is guaranteed that she will end you. As for violence, I don't really care, haha. Please ask before seriously injuring her, though!

RELATIONSHIPS She's not actively looking, but she'd be open to one. She prefers men.

PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION Go ahead and read her mind! She's easy to read, though...

Depending on her canon point, Sinbad cast a spell on her, enabling him to see and hear through Kougyoku's senses. He can also take control of her body and speak through it whenever he wishes. Sinbad players may assume that they are privy to every conversation Kougyoku has and whatever she is up to. In Lost Raiders, this does not apply.

MAGICAL INFORMATION She is an average human, but characters in Lost Raiders may detect her hairpin as a magical item. It is a metal vessel that holds a djinn; hers is a water dragon, Vinea. Characters who can sense magical power may sense an above average magoi/mana pool (or whatever your character calls it!) within her.

Depending on her canon point, those who can sense mind control magic may sense the spell mentioned in the spoiler section above. In Lost Raiders, this does not apply.

PHYSICAL INFORMATION She's healthy enough to chase Judar around the entire palace a million times over I think that says a lot

OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS None I can think of right now!


SHIPPING Sure! Both m/f and f/f are fine, although Kougyoku would lean towards men herself. I prefer natural buildups in games.

SMUT Sure! My hard limits are gore, vore and bathroom stuff. Talk to me if you're interested.

BACKTAGGING I'm in GMT+8 so replies might come at the weirdest times! I'm okay with backtagging. Please let me know if you'd rather assume/handwave things about a thread if it gets too long for you.

THREADHOPPING Kougyoku's threads are free-for-all unless specified OOCly.

OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS Can't think of anything right now.

ANYTHING ELSE? As much of a crybaby she is, I don't expect your character to coddle Kougyoku if it's OOC for them. She's a loser, it's okay...