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djinn & household vessels
As a member of the Kou royal family, Kougyoku is well-trained in the art of swordplay. She is also one of the few who possess a metal vessel, which is an object used to contain a djinn, an artificial lifeform created by King Solomon.

A metal vessel enables its user to use magic without being magicians themselves. It can be any object the person often keeps on hand. In Kougyoku's case, it is her golden hairpin, a gift from Ka Koubun. This vessel glows in combat with an 8-pointed star when she calls forth the power of her djinn, Vinea, a water dragon.

Vinea enables her to use water magic with her own magoi (a power/concept similar to mana, qi, chakra or MP) and borrow or gather water from her surroundings for her attacks. Her exceptional skill enables her to use this magic defensively as a membrane and offensively as jets of water spinning around her weapon.

Djinn Weapon Equip » To amplify her attacks, she can surround her weapon with magoi and equip her djinn with it. This is a more proper way to utilize a djinn rather than using its raw power to cast spells.
Djinn Equip » A full-body djinn equip can take place when one can compress their djinn's power within him or herself, unleashing its full potential. When this happens, the Metal Vessel user's appearance attempts to take on the appearance of the djinn. Compared to other metal vessel users, Kougyoku can do a djinn weapon equip effortlessly. She can only do this when she has her metal vessel with her.
Vainel Arros » A spell that creates a vortex of water, forms it into a spear and aims it at the opponent.
Vainel Al-Salos » A spell that conjures multiple water spears and directs them at a target, similar to Judar's ice spell.
Extreme Magic: Vainel Ganezza » Only those who have mastered their djinn equip can cast Extreme Magic. Kougyoku's djinn makes her capable of casting Vainel Ganezza, a spell that gathers enough water to flood an entire city. She can control how she uses this body of water.

Characters who have close CR with Kougyoku are eligible for becoming a household member. Household members can obtain a household vessel that houses a spirit born from Kougyoku and the djinn Vinea itself. Any metal item the character treasures can become a household vessel.

While it normally takes years to receive a household spirit, a household vessel can only be activated for the first time during a time of great need. The power a character receives from a spirit will correspond to whatever they wish in that moment. For example, Morgiana wished she could fly to rescue her friends from a pit, so she gained the ability to extend and retract her chains, and set them on fire at will.

However, this power must involve the djinn's magic type. For example, Morgiana can also set her chains on fire because Alibaba's djinn Amon controls fire. Vinea controls water, so household vessels under Vinea must involve water.

» The number of household vessels that can be granted depends on the sex of the djinn. Since Vinea is male, Kougyoku can only create a few.

» Magic users (e.g. witches, sorcerers) cannot get a household vessel from Kougyoku.

» A household vessel uses up magoi, so its power and the frequency which one can use it depends on the amount of magoi a user has.

» Household vessels cannot be used if Kougyoku does not have her metal vessel.

The activation of a household vessel has two stages. The first stage was explained above. The second stage is called assimilation, which the household spirit merges with the user, making them more powerful at the cost of becoming less human. (e.g. Sinbad's household member Drakon has the head of a dragon and is covered in scales; all of Kouen's household members have assimilated)

The more this technique is used, the more prominent these inhuman characteristics will become. There is a possibility that not only the body but the mind can be lost to this technique, making the user's heart vanish. This transformation cannot be undone.

In Lost Raiders, your character may become Kougyoku's household member! However, becoming a household member does not happen often in canon. If your character has close CR with Kougyoku and you want them to get a household vessel, please contact me! I'll be updating this space with Kougyoku's household members.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Name Unknown, the fan he keeps by his side at all times

With water magic, he can heal injuries no matter how grave they are. Serious injuries require more time to heal.