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application @ lostraiders

OOC Info
Player Name: Yana
Age: 23
Contact: [ profile] vinea, [personal profile] yanyan

IC Info
Name: Kougyoku Ren
Canon: Magi
As the last princess in line for the throne and an illegitimate child, Kougyoku developed a timid and reclusive personality in her childhood due to neglect and being ostracized for the court. Since her brothers were amazing at what they did, no one certainly expected anything from her, so she possessed a lot of of insecurities that she carries until this day. Can she be a good princess? Can she be a good empress? Can she talk to her crush without turning into sputtering mess!? She is a mousy individual with low self-esteem, so making decisions and talking to others can be nerve-racking!

Due to her shy nature, love is what Kougyoku lived without for most of her life. People talked of rank and power, but she only desired recognition and affection. And she treasures this love, whether romantic or platonic. When she opens up to others, she reveals her true self: a sweet, cheerful and thrill-seeking romantic, and this may be due to the way Ka Koubun spoiled her as a child. Thus, she can be innocent and naive at times, often childlike to a fault: she often sought approval from others, was easily provoked, and had a tendency to overreact.

In spite of this, Ka Koubun was also the reason she had blossomed into the lady she was today. Thanks to his guidance and her brother Kouen's advice, she became learned in the art of war, diplomacy and rhetoric (although her brothers were always a step ahead), and grew to be particularly attentive of her outward appearance, taking an interest in fashion and cosmetics. However, what defined Kougyoku the most was her pride in herself, which was a personal affirmation of her existence.

Along with the desire to be valued, Kougyoku wanted to protect the people she cares for. She is loyal and wants to be of use to her family, friends and her country. As much as she loved the thrill of a fight, violence was not something she wished on her loved ones. She would rather take on the burden of fighting—no, even killing for the sake of others. Thus, when she inadvertently betrayed her family and her people during the Kou civil war, it led her into a state of despair, self-hate and anger towards Sinbad, her first love and the man who used her for that very moment.

That isn't to say that her life was full of tragedy. The few people who reached out to her—her first friend Alibaba the most important of them all—opened her eyes to what she truly wanted and needed to do in life. She was not a warrior who blindly fought for her country. She was not the last empress of Kou either. She was Kougyoku Ren, a girl who only wished to protect what was important. Alibaba and her people believe that she can, so she will.

Sample Objectives: Talking to new people - She's shy, so this will help her break out of her shell!
Getting wet - In all senses of the word. She loves baths and sports, and her weapon in canon grants her power over water, so this will be happening often. It might encourage her to do some of the nastier stuff in game, too.

Sample: Here! And here and here if that isn't enough.
Sample Game Mechanic: Temple raiding will remind her of dungeon conquering, so she'll feel right at home! She'll want those benefits, too. I also want to use objectives to help her expand her CR circle, otherwise she'd roll around her room alone like a loser, probably.